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From interns to CTOs, Flow is used across industries for cross-functional engineering design
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Flow helps teams bring products to market faster

Engineering teams must iterate faster than ever, requiring faster design loops across cross-functional teams.

Engineering is collaborative, but our tools are siloed. The burden of keeping people informed of changing models falls on our engineers. This causes misalignment, sub-optimal designs and a lack of traceable decision making.

Flow is a platform that keeps engineers on the latest data regardless of the tool they are using, enabling much faster iterations, better cross-engineering compromises and a traceable digital thread for compliance and regulation.

Today: Siloed and Fragmented
With Flow: Integrated and Aggregated
Team size:4 people

Keep your team connected to the latest data

Iterate faster and find better trade-offs by breaking down model silos

Keep your requirements and analysis tools in sync

Enable everyone to have access to the latest requirements and know if they're meeting them. As soon as a model changes, you will be notified if a requirement is not being met.

ensure everyone is working off the right data

Push and pull the latest data across engineers from another team, office, or timezone. Move from manually syncronising weekly in a design review to always staying on the same page.

trace which version of the model led to each design point

See how models, data, interfaces, and requirements have changed over time, and how these changes affect you. Trace when and why things changed, and revert back if they go wrong.

End to end traceability across people, models and data

See the first, second, and nth order impact for every model, engineer, and interface in a team. Visually trace dependencies and the root cause of a failed requirement.

Flow is built for multidisciplinary engineering teams looking to design faster

Version Control and Change Management
Version Control and Change Management
See every design change, every variable change, who accepted it, when they accepted it and why.
Get notified when a change affects you
Get notified when a change affects you
See dependencies between all parts of the overall system - even if they were built by engineers from different disciplines, in different teams and using different tools.
Design of Experiments
Design of Experiments
Flow is a powerful DoE framework with easy extensions into more tools (Simulation packages, CAD, etc).
Attribute roll-ups (COG, Efficiency, Range)
Attribute roll-ups (COG, Efficiency, Range)
Feed critical information into roll-ups to always stay on top of critical project-level parameters.
Help teams communicate complex ideas
Help teams communicate complex ideas
Sit around a screen and see how changes affect everyone and the global system.
Activity Tracker
Activity Tracker
See all the changes in a project with a global view.

Flow Connects Your Existing Tools and Models

Integrate your favourite tools today in Flow and start seeing dependencies, relationships across tools, disciplines and teams.