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Seamless Integration for Complex Systems

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Flow Is Solving The Hard Problems

It's hard to stay consistent when everything is fragmented
Integration Issues
Integration Issues
Integration issues still emerge even though a perfect systems breakdown was done. The team can't map how it informs their work and critical dependencies.
Manual Config Control
Manual Config Control
It's hard to keep everyone on the same page when things are changing across tools and teams. Missing an impacted person or requirement might lead to a critical failure.
Tedious Verifications
Tedious Verifications
The need to collect, document and trace all analysis to requirements is already tedious but the uncertainty around whether something has been missed is stressful.

Where Engineering Teams Come Together

Flow enables global config control and continuous verification across your entire V-cycle
BaselineFunctional BaselineMajor architecture requirements definedSubmit for System Definition ReviewAllocated BaselineImplementation design aspects completedSubmit for Preliminary Design ReviewProduct BaselineRealisation and fabrication aspects completedSubmit for Critical Design ReviewSystem Architecture v1.0UPDATED AGAIN V4David Version DO NOT EDITSystem Architecture UPDATEDSystem v4Finished VersionFinished Version v2.4Reset UpdateNEILS VERSIONDO NOT OPENBreaking VersionFINALFINALFINALFINALFINAL

Collaboratively Decompose Your System

Decompose your system and assign your team members directly to subsystem, requirement and interface elements. Any element specified at the architecture level will be set up within the workflows for your team to connect directly into their domain work so nothing is missed from day 1.

Trace dependencies between models, requirements, and documents.

Link Requirements to Models With Ease

From architecture to implementation, any block in Flow can start as a simple equation that can be eventually replaced with an Excel model and then a multi-file Python simulation. These domain models can be linked directly to requirements either to derive or verify them.

Connect disparate models across teams quickly and flexibly.

Always Stay On The Same Page

Any element created is instantly placed under configuration control so when a change happens, affected team members are auto-notified for review. When approved, the change is auto-propagated across the entire system and the current baseline is updated.

Propagate changes across your team in a controlled yet collaborative manner.

Verify Requirements Automatically

With models, tests and requirements linked from the start, engineers can continuously verify requirements as they work throughout the project. Any verification failures are immediately flagged to the relevant members rather than discovering them in a late design review.

Check verification statuses across your entire team.

End-to-End Traceability

Flow provides a single configuration management process for all your design artefacts. This enables us to create a single global picture of how your system is linked and how it evolved over time. See the entire change history of the system and roll-back anytime if something goes wrong.

View the entire change history of any element in a single place.

Streamline Your Design Reviews

Design reviews can be overwhelming so Flow makes these meetings more informed by bringing a social feed to teams. It captures the entire team's changes, verifications and roll-ups in a single cohesive place. Engineers can now view each others' latest statuses anytime, anywhere.

Catch up, review and resolve project problems at their own individual pace and context.

Flow connects your existing tools and models

CAD tools
CAD toolsCatia, Enovia, Siemens NX
Requirement tools
Requirement toolsIBM Doors, Jama, Valispace

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