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Engineering used to mean inventing, but that stopped

Engineering used to mean inventing, but that stopped

In a matter of years, we used to go from wooden planes to metal aircraft, rockets, and moon landers. Engineers used to invent - they went from new solutions to design to manufacture to release in just months. It used to be about pushing the edge out.

The SR71 Blackbird is an incredible example of this. A Mach 5 spy plane, with a new type of design and new materials, was designed with less than 100 engineers. Start to first flight in 24 months, and nothing has beaten this ever. Today, the A380 took 20 years and 500M for a slight improvement to an existing architecture.

We no longer design at this speed anymore. Inventors have been reduced to rote executors, doing and redoing the same work repeatedly in slightly different ways. Things have slowed to a halt. Where progress was possible quickly before, we now need triple the team size and budget to make incremental advances. The industry that once put people on the moon, invented heavier than air flying machines, and created the modern world has become "old school".

Why has this happened? System complexity. A tiny increase in systems complexity means increased dependencies. A slight change can have thousands of knock-on impacts, which each have thousands more. The cost, effort and time rise exponentially for minor systems improvements. Our existing approach has not scaled, and we are feeling the pain.

Despite the same challenges - other industries have overcome them. Modern software code-bases can have hundreds of millions of lines of code. Current chips have billions of transistors and systems working together on the size of our thumb. Modern video games are quickly becoming indistinguishable from reality.

Our future is not about minor improvements to existing systems. The future will be about spaceships that carry thousands of people, designing new cities, massively complex robotics. The future is about incredibly complex new things that we can't even dream about today. If we're going to solve global warming, interplanetary travel, and drastically improve human quality of life, we must solve these problems. We are not yet on this path.

To succeed where we are failing today, we need to rethink not just what products we engineer, but most crucially, how we do engineering itself.

We are a team of engineers and inventors that have come together to build a fundamentally better and more scalable way of doing engineering. We believe in a method that will unlock the power of existing engineers and teams to enable them to go and design the future we need. If we succeed, we create a new paradigm of engineering that every engineer in the world will use. Our mission is to build a platform that helps every engineering team design massively more complex products in a fraction of the time. We believe that this will unlock a genuinely new era of engineering and humanity.

Many have tried to create this, but all have failed. Because of the scale of our ambition, we must be insanely focused on building it instead of just speaking about it. We will relentlessly focus on a minimal number of customers for the time being. Our customers are pioneers in satellites and launch vehicles or are designing new forms of hydrogen-powered transportation and EV designs. If you are a team working on the cutting edge and would like to work with us to build a better engineering way, please get in touch.

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